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Talk Social: 11 November, 2015

6 billion video views a day on Snapchat


Daily video views on Snapchat have tripled in the past six months to an astonishing 6 billion.

The social platform most used by youthful millennials is showing an appetite for video messaging that is pushing it close to Facebook, which boasts 8 billion daily video views.

Snapchat has made a big push towards video lately, with curated stories around big events, lenses that allow users to customise messages and editing options such as slow motion.

With nothing lasting more than 10 seconds, the medium is all about being concise to grab the attention of the predominantly young user at the other end of the phone. Brands who can achieve this have a highly active potential audience to reach.

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Gmail introduces automated emails


With emails taking up around 13 hours of the working week, according to one survey, Gmail has introduced Smart Reply, a service that responds automatically on your behalf.

Using Google’s artificial intelligence software, the system looks for messages that only need a simple one line response. It then offers three possible replies that the user chooses from and the rest is done automatically, without the user having to type a word.

The software ‘learns’  sentence structure and natural language by scanning thousands of emails. So for instance, if an email asks ‘do you have the documents for the 4pm meeting?’ possible answers could be ‘I don’t, sorry’, ‘I will have to look for them’ and ‘I’ll send them to you’.

The feature is now available on the Inbox by Gmail app on Android and iOS.

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Shop by pictures on Pinterest


Pinterest has introduced a new visual search option it believes will make it shopping heaven for brands and consumers.

The new feature allows users to select specific items on a pinned photo and search for similar items on the site. It is entirely wordless. Many shoppers already use Google’s Image Search in a similar way, by taking images to compare them to visually similar products. Now, however, they can do this within Pinterest’s savvy retail community, saving lots of time along the way.

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Top publishers Facebook referrals drop


Facebook’s domination of browsing time is continuing to increase, with new figures this week showing that the top 30 Facebook publishers have all reported drops in referral traffic.

Sites such as the BBC, Guardian, Manchester Evening News, Buzzfeed and Huffington Post are all down by an average of 32 per cent from January to October.

Reasons for this include the rise of Instant Articles, where stories are published direct in Facebook, removing the need for a traditional link back to the publisher’s site.

This brings into the spotlight the nature of the relationship between these big publishers and Facebook. The publishers want the exposure that Facebook brings, however, if their own sites are suffering as a result they will have to seek alternatives to get their content out to a mass audience.

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With ads, timing is everything


Beacon marketing company inMarket has a new technology to pinpoint the perfect time to show ads to a shopper.

The company can see when someone visits a store, how often they come and so can work out when they’re due for their next visit. So if you go to the supermarket every Friday, it may target ads at you on Thursday, or right before you leave.

The US-based company has location data about tens of millions of American shoppers in categories like groceries, entertainment and cars. Tests of the information-led timed targeting led to an eight per cent increase in store visits and a 14 per cent increase in spend. Watch out for something similar happening here soon.

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