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Talk Social: 10 September, 2019

Book of love – Facebook Dating launches in the US

Facebook has launched its own dating app which will allow users to discover if they have any secret admirers among their friends.

Facebook Dating, which became available in the US last Thursday, will allow people to build a dating profile within the app and connect with other singles around them

However, the most anticipated feature is Secret Crush, which will allow users to select up to nine Facebook friends as their crush. The selected user will receive a notification, and if that person also adds their secret admirer to their Secret Crush the pair will be matched together and both names will be revealed.

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To emoji or not to emoji – new study looks at factors impacting Instagram post-performance

A report from social analytics platform Quintly has looked at 34k Instagram business profiles and 5.4 million posts to shed light what’s working for brands on the platform right now.

Looking at post type, the report shows that, despite the rising popularity of video content, images remain by far the most popular post type for brands.

The report also showed that the higher the number of emojis used, the higher the number of interactions, with posts using 10 or more emojis on average receiving over 60% more engagement than those with none.

Other factors considered in the report looked at a number of hashtags and caption length.

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Twitter disables tweeting via SMS after Jack Dorsey hack

Twitter switched off the ability to tweet via text message last week as the feature was used by hackers to gain access to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s account.

The ability to tweet via text has been a feature since the early days of Twitter but at this point is more of a legacy feature due to the prevalence of smartphones.

By stealing someone’s phone number, hackers can exploit this feature to publish on a connected Twitter account. 

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Deefake challenge – AI engineers are challenging developers to detect deepfakes

AI engineers across Facebook, Microsoft and the world of academia have banded together to launch a challenge to advance deepfake detection.

Deepfaking, the practice of human image synthesis through artificial intelligence, may seem innocuous but no one’s laughing so much when it comes to world leaders and fake pornography. In this age, where misinformation can spread rapidly and have powerful real-world outcomes, deepfakes represent a looming crisis.

Facebook has donated a $10m prize for whoever can engineer the best solution, in the hope this can spur serious competition among academics and researchers.

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Twitter trolls Instagram on their own platform

Last week, Twitter used it’s official Instagram account to post a screenshot from a Twitter user complaining about how Instagram has become just a collection of Twitter screenshots.

The practice of people posting screenshotted tweets on Instagram isn’t a new phenomenon. People, especially those under the age of 30, figured out long ago that Twitter could be used as a way to boost Instagram accounts. A tweet, which might do decently well on Twitter before it’s lost forever to the constantly moving timeline, can play out much better on Instagram.

Since first publishing this screenshot, Twitter has been using their account to showcase the latest funny tweets published on their platform.

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