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Talk Social: 10 March, 2020

Twitter launches its own take on Stories with ‘Fleets’

Twitter has launched a test of “Fleets” – ephemeral tweets that disappear after 24 hours. The post format, first popularized by Snapchat’s Stories, has been launched as a test in Brazil.

Twitter has described how the format is for “fleeting thoughts” that users may not want permanently displayed as tweets. The content will disappear a day after it is posted, and there’s no ability for other users to retweet, like or publicly comment on it.

Shortly after the announcement, ‘#RIPTwitter’ was the third top trending hashtag on the platform as many users expressed their disappointment that twitter was becoming too similar to other networks, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

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Twitter implements its new policy against manipulated media.

Tweets found to contain “deceptively synthetic or manipulated media that are likely to cause harm” will now be labelled as such.

Posts such as these have become a concern in relation to recent and ongoing political campaigning.

It was therefore unsurprising it was a politician who was the first notable example of a user impacted by the new policy. White House social media director Dan Scavino shared a video on Sunday of democratic candidate Joe Biden saying “we can only re-elect Donald Trump”.  His tweet was tagged as “manipulated media” as this was, in fact, a partial sentence taken from the politician’s speech.

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Snapchat tests audience network to place ads outside its app

Snap Inc has begun testing an audience network that lets brands place ads on third-party apps. 

In a similar way to Facebook’s audience network ad placement, advertisers can reach Snapchat users with full-screen mobile ads outside of the main app.

However, due to the limited data from Snapchat on which apps will display the content, many media buyers have expressed reluctance to purchase the ads so far.

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Facebook’s AI tool has seen the removal of 6.6 billion fake profiles in 2019

Facebook revealed its improved machine learning tool identified and removed more than six billion fake accounts last year.

The tool uses a technology called “Deep Entity Classification” to analyse a profile’s behaviour. Hundreds of factors are considered before an account is removed, including the number of friend requests an account has sent and the groups or pages it has joined or followed. 

While Facebook has the largest user base of any social network, a common criticism is the number of fake profiles. Facebook hopes that efforts made to remove will address the concerns of advertisers on the platform

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Facebook’s testing cross-posting Stories

Users have been able to cross-post their Instagram Story to Facebook for some time. Now Facebook is testing a feature to do the opposite, and post your Facebook Story direct to Insta.

The option could make it easier to share Stories content quickly, but cross-posting should also be done cautiously, with results varying from platform to platform. Frames may not appear the same on both apps, and polls and similar tools will have different formats.

While Facebook Stories have not caught on as quickly as Stories on Instagram or Snapchat, Facebook has repeatedly claimed Stories are the future as there is a new generation of social media users growing up on Stories, rather than News Feed.

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