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Talk Social: 1 October, 2019

A new Horizon for Facebook

Facebook has announced it is launching its own virtual reality social networking platform called ‘Horizon’.

Within the VR world, users can design their own avatar to explore a virtual sandbox, meet up with friends, watch videos, play games and more. 

Facebook Horizon is set to launch next year, but keen players can sign up for a beta version now.

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Facebook begins hiding ‘like’ counts

Facebook is beginning to test hidden total ‘like’ counts in Australia.

This follows a similar test on Instagram which started in Canada in April before, being expanded to Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Ireland, Italy and Japan in July.

While there has been no official report into the Instagram test, the fact it is now being expanded to Facebook indicates it must be showing signs of promise.

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Pinterest announces new ‘Shop the Look’ Pins

Pinterest has added a new format collection ad called ‘Shop the Look’.

The new ads allow brands to showcase up to 25 items for purchase within one Pin. This will be displayed to users with one banner image along with a preview showcase of four items.

The new format will provide more ways for brands to drive direct purchases from Pinterest, which could help maximise shopping potential among browsing consumers.

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Instagram launches new account for Influencer advice

Instagram has launched a new branded account called @creators, to encourage aspiring influencers to keep creating for its platform.

The page says it will cover tips, trick, the latest updates, insights and tutorials. This will be hosted by a select group of influencers, including dancer Susie Meoww and comedian Adam Waheed.

A lot of the content from the page appears to focus on its long-form video channel IGTV, which has been struggling to gain traction since its launch.

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Facebook is testing two new potential ad formats

Facebook is currently testing two new ad formats for advertisers on the platform.

The first is ‘Video Poll Ads’, which enable viewers to interact with a dedicated poll to help boost engagement. 

Secondly, is ‘AR Ads’, which allow brands to create ads which overlay images over video footage, thus allowing items such as sunglasses or makeup to be superimposed on a user’s face.

These are both currently in testing with a small group of advertisers and is too early to say whether they will be made more widely available.

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