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Talk Social: 1 August, 2017

Facebook bots invent their own language


News that Facebook’s latest artificial intelligence chatbots have developed their own language has been met with shock.

The social media giant has admitted it closed down a trial where two bots – named Bob and Alice – were meant to be learning to negotiate, but very quickly shifted away from English into a language they had invented.

Facebook sees this as a natural evolution in its AI programme, which is rapidly developing ever more natural conversation patterns for interactions with us humans.

However, it’s crucial we know what the bots are talking about, to avoid any potential Terminator Skynet type scenarios happening in future…

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Google helping people find a role in workplace of the future


Bots and the advance of technology are changing the jobs we all do and the way we get things done.

To aid the transformation into this new era, Google is pledging to donate $50million to organisations that use tech to aid job matching, job hunting and keeping people in the world of work.

As new jobs and industries emerge that hinge on using the latest tech, the funding from google.org will go to nonprofit companies with the first fundings already handed out in the US. Expansion of the programme will follow worldwide.

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Twitter tests new low cost paid social option

Brands nervous about committing to social media advertising campaigns on twitter may be encouraged by the latest offer from the platform.

The social network is trialling automatic promoted tweets for a flat $99 monthly fee.

There is no need to create standalone adverts with this option, and users can cancel at any time, so there is no commitment to an entire campaign. For those with smaller paid social budgets, this is one worth keeping an eye on.

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Facebook Stories going public


Facebook wants to jump start its Stories feature – its Instagram and Snapchat clone – by letting social influencers and celebrities post their stories publicly.

This will maximise the exposure of posts, given the prominence of Stories above the newsfeed, and each one lasts 24 hours.

Facebook sees Stories as being the home of augmented reality in future, so needs to find a way for it to become mainstream the way that Instagram and Snapchat’s features have done with users.

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LinkedIn now showing who is visiting your site


Businesses who use LinkedIn as a form of social promotion are now able to see who is coming on to their website thanks to new analytic tools from the business social networking site.

The reporting feature displays results across eight categories including job title, industry, company and location.

This will help refine content marketing campaigns as well as target messaging, with more understanding of who is being attracted to the content that is posted.

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