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Talk Social, 07 April, 2015

Focus your lens

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Office Lens, is a scanner app that works alongside One Note to sharpen and enhance any image you take of meeting notes on a pad or whiteboard, to turn them into Microsoft compatible documents, such as a pdf or editable word doc.
No longer will you be struggling to re-read your colleague’s notes, or remember that presentation as the app recognises words and symbols to turn them into documents ready for you to edit and share immediately. It also allows you to scan business cards straight into your contacts so you’ll never be rooting at the bottom of your bag for those important details again!
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Internet Explorer turns of DNT 
After being the first browser to automatically turn on the ‘do not track’ function, a request from a user to a to website which states they do not wish for their data not be tracked for advertising purposes, Internet Explorer users will from now on have to manually turn on the function. 

While all other major browsers, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox support the DNT, the decision has come as fewer advertisers and websites honour the DNT request. The DNT is not a law, more of a guideline so their argument is that the decision should be made by a user rather than a default browser which might not represent a user’s preference, so tend to ignore default DNT requests. 

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Bullet point news
The latest advancement in at-your-finger-tips news comes from the New York Times, who have revealed that they will curate one-sentence news stories to fit the small dimensions of the upcoming Apple smart watch.
The stories will cover news, politics, business, science, tech and the arts and will be accompanied by images and the option to bookmark or ‘save for later’ reading on their iPad or iPhone. This will launch with the Apple Watch internationally on 24th April.
More information is available here
Facebook videos
Following last week’s news that Periscope has the support of several celeb followers blowing rival service Meerkat out of the water, Facebook is hot on the heels with its new video collaboration app, Riff.

Similarly to snapchat, Riff allows users to film 20 seconds of footage and share it through the app, with the USP being that friends can contribute to the content to create a video collage.

Facebook product manager Josh Miller said the inspiration for the app was from the masses of viral ice bucket challenge videos last year, with the idea that threading the videos together would improve sharing capabilities.
Here is more information, but we’ll be pitting Meerkat, Periscope and Riff against each other to stay tuned!
EE launches Wi-Fi back up calls
The days of loosing connection when mid phone call are soon to be behind us as EE announce their plans to switch some of its customers to Wi-Fi enables calls. Unlike similar services from O2 and Three via apps: Tu Go and Three in Touch, EE claim that their scheme is ‘seamless’ as users will not have to do anything to switch between 3G/4G and Wi-Fi. Due to the service needing specific mobile data components it will only be available to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S5 and on recent Apple models beginning with the iPhone 5s and those on a pay monthly subscription. EE have said that is will soon offer a compatible own-brand budget smart phone. One limitation is that it cannot switch from one service to another mid-call. So, if someone walks out of a wi-fi covered zone into an area where there is 4G coverage, or vice versa, they still face their call suddenly ending. EE are marketing the service as a way to make calls in the home or office, where it believes this is unlikely to be a common problem. Find out more here


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