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Social Media Virgins

Last night, i  headed into Manchester for my first experience of a Social Media Surgery. Held at the offices of the MDDA and attended by a rounded mix of people eager to understand the hows and whys of social media.

Social Media Surgery is like a beginners guide to helping people struggling with how to maximise the opportunity and to someone living and breathing it on a daily basis – it was something of a reality check.

Friendly and informal, the debate of the night Facebook vs LinkedIn. Although eager to learn, the group was apprehensive. Struggling against the self imposed barriers that they’d already placed on themselves or their business. Who could or should be a friend? How to say no to requests on Linked In? How can this help my business? Why doesn’t bombarding my social group with special offers not work?

Twitter inevitably became a strong topic of conversation. As a platform the announcement of everything from product launches to births and deaths was supported by the panel’s discussions.

I found it an easy going and informative environment. The reality is that people with true experience of using social media for business are few and far between. As each new topic was explained and then questioned I could see many faces filled with fear start to brighten as they considered how the boom in social communications would change their business.

Social Media Surgery events are informal, free-to-attend and are clearly doing a great job of giving people real world advice about how to use social media in every day life. Why not take a look.


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