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September 01, 2014

YouTube continues to grow in popularity:

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New results published by online video industry site Tubefilter and analytics firm OpenSlate underline the growing importance of YouTube and the popularity that the channel has with its users.

YouTube draws in more than 1 billion viewers per month, with eager users soaking up 6 billion hours of video – that’s a lot of talking dogs and grumpy cats!

With 40% of users viewing their clips on mobile devices, it once again highlights the importance of testing all forms of communication through mobile.

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Apple health:


Apple is set for a large scale launch next week in California, with the company reportedly set to announce the launch of a new Apple wearable device that will target the hugely profitable US healthcare industry.

The devices are believed to be able to monitor everything from our heart rate and caffeine intake to saturated fats, blood sugar and oxygen levels – a full service health MOT… Apple-style.

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Wearable tech – for your car!

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 15.35.33

Your car may soon be able to tell your smartphone if it is feeling ‘unwell’ thanks to a new device that connects the needs of your car, e.g. when you need your oil changed, and delivers the message straight to your smartphone.

By connecting the FIXD device to your car’s On Board Diagnostics-II port, and then pairing it to your smartphone (Android only for now. An iOS version for the iPhone is still in development), you’re immediately given the important information that will help you take care of your beloved vehicle – the app will even estimate the costs to fix the problem.

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Augmented Reality – Shopping

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 15.47.13

You may have the smallest highstreet presence, however, with a new virtual reality app devised by Vizera Labs, even the smallest of boutiques can showcase their full product range available.

Currently promoted as the way forward for furniture stores that don’t have the space for their full portfolio of products, Vizera takes a 3-D scan of e.g. a couch, and uses software to segment the resulting 3-D model into pieces.

You are also able to showcase materials like fabric and leather in a way that aims to keep the image on view as consistent as possible with the real product.

A great use of technology that gives the tactile experience of in-store shopping with the space saving aspects of the augmented reality app to showcase the range.

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Twitter gives analytics board access to everyone


Over the last few months of Talk Social posts, we have been documenting the changes in twitter’s analytics.

In July, it was announced that advertisers would be given access to a dashboard that would show them the performance of their tweets in a Google Analytics style board, how many people saw your post and how many actually engaged with it etc.

But now this has been opened to all users, with accounts opened for more than two weeks, meaning that we can all obsess over the performance of our everyday musings.

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