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PR round up – 19 August

They may have been around for a while, but the popularity of the pop-up is far from in decline. Last week saw the launch of three pop up restaurants, for brands Rentokil, Dr Oetker and Pot Noodle.

  • Rentokil’s ‘Pestaurant’

This appeared in the City of London for one day only, and perhaps one day too many, for the vomiting nine year old referenced in the Independent. Visitors were invited to sample a starter of crickets and mealworms, a pigeon burger main course and grasshoppers, ants and scorpions to finish.

While this was a great attention grabbing stunt, there didn’t seem to be any synchronicity with the activity and the messaging behind it. David Cross, head of technical training academy at Rentokil, commenting: “The Pestaurant is all about celebrating the hard work that goes into keeping the UK’s pests under control.

“Common UK pests like wasps, mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas and pigeons, can become a problem for anyone, and can affect both commercial and residential properties.”

Nevertheless, the story along with some brilliant images made The Independent, The Star, The Sun, Daily Express, Metro.

  • Dr Oetker’s ‘La Pizzeria Ristorante’

Popping up in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter was La Pizzeria Ristorante, that came under fire for serving frozen pizzas and duping diners.

The stunt got coverage nationally and regionally; although left local onlines Mancunian Matters and Manchester Confidential irritated, rather than converted Dr Oetker brand advocates.

  • Pot Noodle’s ‘Chez Bloke’

To launch Pot Noodle’s latest delicacy, Piri Piri chicken, Chez Bloke opened in London last week. Aimed at 16 -24 year old guys, the pop up restaurant features Lay-Z Boy chairs, widescreen TVs and even onesie tuxedos. Fronted by Hollyoaks’ own Jorgie Porter, tickets to Chez Bloke are up for grabs on Pot Noodle’s Facebook page.

Chez Bloke featured in Marketing Magazine.


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