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October 14, 2014

1. Snapchat – Your image may not self-destruct in 10 seconds

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Users of Snapchat may be thinking twice about the images they send each other from now on, as images have been uploaded online, with threats from hackers to upload additional images. Although Snapchat haven’t revealed the name of the third party site behind the breach, they have defended their security measures saying that  “Snapchatters were victimized by their use of third-party apps to send and receive Snaps, a practice that we expressly prohibit in our Terms of Use precisely because they compromise our users’ security.” A breach on Snapchat is particularly worrying, as the site is heavily used by young people aged between 13 and 17. Read more here.

2. Apple Pay


Rumour has it that Apple Pay is set to launch this week in the US, with Apple staff and official launch members including McDonalds, Macy’s and Whole Foods staff getting to grips with paying via their iPhone 6 smartphones. Apple Pay is a mobile payment platform that lets you purchase directly with your smartphone. The feature was a key part of the new handset’s launch – but the timing of its rollout was only leaked a few days ago through a Walgreens (another official partner of the new payment system) memo seen by MacRumours. However, it’s not time to throw away the cash or cards just yet. It will take a while to make its way to the UK and even longer to convert consumers and retailers to a new way of spending. Read more here.

3. Zoe images launches to iPhone


The HTC photo app,  Zoe, that launched earlier this summer, is now out of beta, with the announcement that it will be coming to the iPhone before the end of the year. The app capitalises on the public’s love for image based interactions, helping users to create highlight reels and montages from the images and video captured on their smartphones and letting them share with the world. Zoe 1.0 is available as a free download from the Google Play Store (for Android), and will be available in the iTunes App Store for iOS devices this year, date to be confirmed. Read more here.

4. TV to Tablet – popularity has turned


The recent study by Ofcom (in their annual ‘Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes’ report) has revealed that traditional television watching is in decline for children, with tablets taking over – 34% of children aged 5-15 now have a tablet of their own.

Tablet usage amongst children has boomed in popularity, with kids using the devices for both online gaming and catching up on missed TV. Last year only 19% of children owned their own tablet and only 42% had access to a device.

Read more here.

5. Skype Qik launches


Skype is making the most of the trend for visual communication that doesn’t hang around on the web, with the launch of Skype Qik, a standalone smartphone app that allows friends to create short video conversations, that will automatically be deleted after two weeks.

Once users have uploaded their phone number to the app, they can then start one on one or group chats by recording short messages, even leading to conversations with hundreds of people.

Users also hold a certain amount of control, with the ability to access their account and delete their own videos before they expire.

A potential tool to engage  our communities with short visual and engaging communications – one to keep an eye on!

Read more here.


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