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My week: Welcome to the world of Democracy

Our newest recruit, Campbell Hoinville, has had a whirlwind introduction to agency life that’s seen her land her first pieces of media coverage, meet national journalists… oh, and learn how to work the coffee machine. Here’s her week one diary


My first day at the agency and from stepping through the door, it feels so exciting. A wild ride. From getting a grasp on everyone’s names to the weekly team meeting, I was thrown into the deep end of Democracy life and quickly learned how to swim (although admittedly operating the coffee machine seemed to be the first real challenge). There is a lot to take in and so many questions.


Getting up and out in the depths of winter is not going to be easy, but we move forward. Having got my mind around the coffee machine on day one, I thought it was best to move on to more important matters. My colleague Anna kindly helped me write my first media pitch for the East Lancashire Railway, which was brilliant – and I secured my first piece of coverage! The fast pace continued as I moved on to influencers and in particular, went looking for fisherman influencers… there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say. 


How is it midweek already? Today’s first learning was how to organise coverage clippings for clients. After that, it was on to ideas for gift boxing for a homes and interiors client. I’m getting to know Democracy’s client list quickly, all the different sectors they cover and the highly varied work we do for them all. As I get to know our office space in Chorlton too, I’ve decided that – for now at least – I’m an upstairs desk worker.


A real highlight of my first week as I went with two colleagues into Manchester city centre in the morning to meet a national broadcast journalist. Anna Stewart, editor of BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drive show had so much insight into the stories they cover and why, the kind of guests they like best and how the pandemic has changed things. It was fascinating. In the afternoon, I joined an ideation session for a new business pitch and it was so enjoyable to get creative and see how the process works.


So this is what a Friday feeling is – I’ve made it to the end of my first week. Today was all about getting stuck into lots of research. Firstly, around summer festivals (woohoo!) and then new developments in the alcohol free drinks sector. We have an alcohol free wine brand on our books here at Democracy and I’m really looking forward to trying it. That feeling of getting immersed with the agency’s clients is something I’ve really taken on board in my first week. It’s been lovely to keep track of these early days at Democracy – here’s to many more!


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