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Monkey Business at Democracy

When I applied for a work experience placement at Democracy, I was expecting a fair amount of brew making, photocopying and answering the phones. The last words I expected to hear at 9 o’clock on my second day of the placement were, “Tom, do you want to go on the baboon shoot?”

Of course I did.

On our drive down to Knowsley Safari Park, Hannah explained the brief to me – apparently we were going to get baboons to launch their new summer 2012 pricing strategy.

Standing safely behind an electric fence as the Park’s staff laid out the sawdust and feed, I cast my eyes across the field toward the troop of over 100 baboons. These guys did not look like they were going to cooperate! A couple of hours later – thanks to the cooperation of the keepers, the photographer and the baboons – we had our shot.

Work experience at Democracy turned out to be pretty different, the team made sure that i got a view on what PR is all about, and although i did a fair bit of admin, I also went to meetings, listened in on sell ins and got a birds eye view (no pun intended) on what the jobs about …. and i loved it!

Written by Tom O’Rourke, work experience

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