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How will the Instagram algorithm change impact brands?

Instagram – currently the fastest-growing and most engaging social media network – announced it was about to swap its chronological timeline for a new algorithm feed, similar to the technology used by Facebook.

This was scary news for high-ranking influencers and brands enjoying high levels of engagement and community growth. Those creating beautiful content on Insta may soon have to dig in their pockets if they want anyone to see their work.

A few angry users started a Change.org petition begging for Instagram to keep their feeds the way they were but it wasn’t until the last week of March that panic really ensued. Somehow, the news spread that the change was imminent. Hoards of instagrammers took to the platform to call for their users to ‘turn on notifications’, which is to ask them to sign up for an alert every time they make a post.

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The trend was quickly spoofed on several Instagram accounts.


Would this approach really help avoid a potential decline in reach and engagement or would having users alerted to every post of yours regardless of its content or relevance likely alienate followers?

In reality, we have no idea of how the new algorithm will work and Insta have assured us that the change isn’t happening overnight. Asking your audience to switch on notification might be one way to retain your audience but, it’s worth baring in mind, this is not without its risks.


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