2021 stands to be another bumper year for homes and interior brands, but it’s most certainly not business as usual. There’s work to be done and it starts NOW.

Not only is the mindset of the consumer very different, but also the breadth of people undertaking DIY projects is far greater – with young people and those renting their homes now fully invested in the benefits of home improvement.

How brands reach these emerging sectors and – crucially – how brands engage with these people will be critical to their success in 2021 and beyond.

The recovery from Covid will not be a straight path and some brands may well fall by the wayside during the big readjustment to whatever normal looks like in future. However, knowing your consumers, being where your audience is and creating content that inspires them to dream about, plan and execute a DIY project in their beloved home are great starting points to success.

It has never been more important to get your communications strategy right. Are you ready?