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Facebook gets private

I do feel sorry for Facebook at the minute. They’re getting battered again over their privacy settings in the papers today; ┬áThe Mail tastefully adding its previous headlines of deaths its attributed to the site.

The changes are simplified here by the BBC but essentially Facebook is now forcing you to choose who sees all your content. It sticks to the same options as ever: ‘friends’, ‘friends of friends’ and ‘everyone’ but now pushes these options in your face rather than having them sit on a privacy settings page.

Facebook is feeling the internet bite back. No longer is the internet the utopia of a group of Californian nerds, all humanity is there and we’re starting to get to grips with the need to apply the same caution in the online space as we would in the street.

We’re anticipating a big positive PR push from the Facebook gang as they attempt to squash the privacy issues. Watch this space for a focus on re-kindled relationships, friends reunited and the important moments of life shared wherever your network extends around the world.


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