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Establishing online presence: Why blogging is still relevant

As we enter a new decade, one question on our minds is whether blog writing will still be relevant in 2020. With social media on the rise and showing no signs of decline, is blog writing essential, or should blog writing be left in 2019?

Thankfully the internet is a never ending vacuum for content – so we’ve taken a look at why blog writing is still relevant heading into 2020. 

The popularity of blogs

Let’s start with the simple fact that 75 per cent of internet users still read blogs regularly. Blogs continue to be a quick and cost effective way to establish your brand online. More so than social media, blogs allow a space for creativity to flow through written words, creating a personality for your brand. Consumers enjoy emotionally engaging content that can sometimes only be achieved through storytelling – and a blog can often present the perfect opportunity to get personality across online. 

Blogs are also a great way to build awareness of a brand or cause. They establish a platform for knowledge and expertise that consumers are seeking, whilst also providing information on a particular topic, brand or product. With consumers increasingly becoming more savvy into the brands and products they are supporting, effective blogs can ease customer anxiety and establish your brand as an authoritative leader in the market. 

Blogs and Social Channels

Social channels alone aren’t enough to get your brands core key messages across to an audience. Consumers also want to be able to communicate with their brands through different channels. Blogs work alongside social channels to expand on trends, topics or simply provide more information into a product. Social posts should provide a snippet of information that leaves a consumer wanting more information, and ultimately a blog is where the consumer should end up. 

However, as social channels grow, many brands make the mistake of abandoning their blogging online presence. This can be an error as social media isn’t enough to establish your brand as a market leader. Consumers continue to seek out dependable, reliable blogs for information, with many growing skeptical of the trustworthiness of social media alone heading into 2020. 

That being said, blogs should be sure to incorporate their social channels into their blog posts to build social presence. 

How to write a successful blog

Know your audience

Before writing content it is important to know who your primary audience is, and what they are looking for. Readers will engage more with posts that resonate with them. If you find yourself getting the same questions off your customers, it is usually a good idea for a blog post to address them. 


Readers tend to lose concentration if a page is overflowing with words and paragraphs. A good blog should be quick and easy to read, holding the readers concentration from start to finish. Anything between 300 to 500 words is usually enough to get your message across. 


Try to use plain and simple language, making it easy for the average person to understand. Avoid using slang or jargon, unless relevant to the context. However, don’t be afraid to show your personality. This is your chance for readers to learn about your company, so make sure you’re being true to your company’s values.  


Breaking up the page with subheadings will make a blog read easier. Think of the top 3-5 points you wish to convey to your reader in the blog post, and use these as subheadings. 


Similarly to subheadings, images will break up the text of your blog. Images are a great way to grab a reader’s attention, and make your blog more visually appealing. However, make sure you’re using the right image to convey your message. The best images to use will be relevant to the context of the blog, as this can bring it to life. 


A consistent blog will make your company look reliable and organised. Try and plan your future blog posts and stick to a schedule, timing your posts regularly. 

Be Creative

Millions of blogs are written and published everyday, so try to think of ideas that will make your blog stand out. Try and stay on top of relevant current trends in the media, to see what people want to be reading about. 


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