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#dprvine A Democracy Challenge

We’ve been using Vine for a while now, and we are seeing some brands emerging on the platform, using it to good effect.
At Democracy we have recorded the confrontational, the cute, the quirky and the classy with our own CPC_tweet account rolling out some clever uses of the medium too.
Safe to say we’re well familiar with the app, but as part of our love of trying out new stuff, we wanted to see what other clever ideas we could come up with so we’ve set ourselves a challenge.
The rules to the team at Democracy
  • You have to make a vine within the week
  • It has to be about one of our clients but not one you work on directly.
  • You don’t discuss your vine with anyone else at Democracy.
So, check out our vines below and let us know which your favourite is in the poll at the bottom. The winner gets  a lie in on Monday so choose carefully!

First up is my Vine, featuring FMCG brand Duerr’s and the company’s new labels and jars.

Next, there’s agency founder, Jen, and her response to those ‘funny’ tweets webuyanycar.com receive almost every day;

Hannah uses her Vine to push Eisberg’s Love Your Liver campaign message

Olivia meanwhile demonstrates the fun you can have at a Manchester Drinks’s party

New recruit Graeme goes for the cute factor and a clever pun to create a Vine for CPC, a company working hard to help introduce coding into the classroom.

Anmol promotes Duerr’s headline-grabbing Aphrodisiac Jam to help Dr Who win over his true love (look out for the cat)

And finally, Anita squeezes lots of scenes into six seconds of video to push cartridgesave.co.uk’s next day delivery service!

So let us know your favourite by voting below.

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