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December 17, 2014

Instagram Overtakes Twitter
Instagram has overtaken Twitter in user numbers after announcing it has 300m monthly active users to Twitter’s 284m.
After purchasing Instagram for $1billion in 2012, Mark Zuckerburg said he wanted to make it ‘big business’ in its own right, and with users including Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian, it looks like it’s well on its way.
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Wake Up To Wakelet
Wakelet is a new online visual content platform allowing users to organise information so it is easier to find online. Wakelet claims to ‘bring back the humans’ by allowing users to organise the information they keep online, in a personal, shareable way.  Users organise information into their own themed ‘wakes’, allowing them to take over where the internet ends, regaining control the way they use the internet.
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Facebook is Your New Best Friend!
Facebook is currently working on an artificial intelligence app which will work to warn users before they post something they might later regret.The program will be able to identify the difference between your drunken self and your sober self and will ‘tap you on the shoulder’ when you are about to post something, to remind you that the post will be seen publicly.
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Microsoft Allows Bitcoin Transcations
Microsoft has become the first company to allow bitcoin as payment for Xbox games and mobile apps. The currency is popular because it allows transactions to be made anonymously without being controlled by a government or bank, although the Treasury is currently debating whether digital currencies should be regulated. Earlier this year, Overstock.com who ran a similar experiment accepting bitcoins, said it was a disappointment as they accepted between $3-4milliion of bitcoins out of $1.5billion of sales.
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Wearable Tech? Now You Are the tech!
Scientist have designed a bracelet that turns the wearer’s skin into a touch screen. State of the art motion sensors recognise every swipe and tap to control the Cicret device, allowing you to read emails, surf the web, watch videos and even make calls. It could be on shelves as early as June and will cost around £300.
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