How link-building moved heycar into the fast lane


heycar is a trusted expert when it comes to buying and selling cars.


Reassured that heycar will let me quickly and easily find the car I want. And buy it.


Retain heycar front of mind when in the mindset to research or purchase my next car.

To scale this Everest, Democracy had to think different and be ambitious. How did we do it? There was no magic solution, more a combination of creative and hard working tactics. By utilising existing on-site tools that heycar had built, making more of internal spokespeople and data, devising standalone outreach campaigns that had digital link-building at their heart and ensuring every piece of comms linked back to the heycar site, it meant our hard-working press office were able to keep the stretch link total ticking over all year - passing it just two weeks before the end of 2021.

Standout campaigns were the FA Cup sponsorship, the car seat chooser and the Christmas lights competition. The monthly commentary on the industry's new and used car sales figures gave us regular opportunity to newsjack. This was supplemented with exclusive data around electric vehicles and second hand car prices.

The total number of links for 2021 achieved for heycar was


- a massive leap of 1382% year on year!

The festive lights campaign alone secured


backlinks with an average domain ranking of 50.

The highest domain rankings were achieved for newsjacking SMMT opportunities, with an average of


Overall, for the year, the average DR was


- smashing the KPI set by the client of 20.