Five Farms.. Winning hearts and minds in the UK Irish community and beyond


Five Farms is a super premium, hand crafted, Irish cream liqueur - an authentic taste of Ireland


I’m proud to be seen choosing Five Farms as it’s a discerning choice


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Democracy tapped into the insight that all second and third generation Irish believe that from soda bread to rashers, and from live music to festivals, if it has a true authentic Irish link, it is the best.

Our strategy focused on identifying ways to connect with established Irish communities to solidify our trust and heritage messaging, while partnering with influencers that would elevate the brand.

Through real world events, product sampling, media and a highly curated influencer approach, we created a campaign to grow awareness and consideration during a key period and differentiate Five Farms from its main rival Baileys, which dominates the UK market.


Capitalising on the popularity of the Baby Guinness trend on social media, we created a campaign that would drive a mass of digital awareness and engagement in the lead up to the core cultural moment in the calendar - raise a toast with Five Farms this St Patrick’s Day.

We spearheaded the campaign with four macro influencers, briefed to make a luxurious Baby Guinness while telling their community what St Patrick’s Day means to them, bringing warmth and humanity to the brand through tailored content that would immediately capture the imaginations of their fanbase with four key messages: Authentically Irish, incredible ingredients, unrivalled taste, and luxurious lifestyle.

To ensure the widest digital buzz, we selected a community of micro influencers that would receive the ultimate Five Farms hamper. We created a wow reaction from the moment they opened the gift, with bespoke branded crystal tumblers to encourage the original serve in style, shot glasses and a branded solid silver cocktail spoon (the perfect shape for that Baby Guinness float), a recipe card with top serve tips from the brand’s founder Johnny Harte - all to be served with a one of a kind, Five Farms infused luxury chocolate created for the campaign by an independent chocolatier.

All content was timed to land in the week leading up to St Patrick’s Day creating a wave of Five Farms visibility and hype. London-based influencers were also invited to enjoy the St Patrick’s Day party event at high end steakhouse Smith & Wollensky, capturing user generated content that will be utilised across the brand’s owned channels throughout 2024.

Across the campaign, more than 33 pieces of influencer content were created, which had a reach of more than 4.1 million people. In particular, we were thrilled to gain three additional pieces of content from paid influencer and Great British Bake Off Winner, Matty Edgell, which in turn generated a total of 1.7 million opportunities to see.


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