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Love Energy Savings is a dynamic, progressive employer where you can enjoy a rewarding career.


Reassured that Love Energy Savings’ Flexible-Flexible policy provides an enviable work-life balance.


Consider embarking on a fulfilling career with Love Energy Savings.

The pandemic brought into focus how the modern workplace was changing - and we were determined to ensure Love Energy Savings were a key voice in this conversation.

It saw us develop a campaign that positioned Love Energy Savings at the vanguard of modern, responsive employers that put the wellbeing of its staff first.

We leveraged the charismatic CEO Phil Foster and told how he kept spirits up during lockdown by running weekly fitness classes on instagram, which were dubbed LES Pump.

We showed how they were in tune with their mostly young workforce - by abandoning email and communicating with them via social media instead.

And we developed a unique, new employment policy in partnership with their internal team. The ‘Flexible-Flexible’ initiative not only gave employees the freedom to set their own hours - but choose where they worked too.

Its timeliness and relevance proved irresistible for media targets from The Sun’s Employment pages to the HR press.

We kept the story alive over three months of activity by sharing case studies and having fun: In response to the news that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos intended to launch his own space station - we hit a home run in a key regional target of The Manchester Evening News with an exclusive reactive story - announcing that LES had become the first employer to let their staff work from the stratosphere.

As momentum built, we were well placed to capitalise on the renewed focus on home working when the government called for the nation to once again work from home in December 2021.

Leveraging our outstanding broadcast contacts, we jumped on the phone and secured interviews for Love Energy Savings across key media including BBC Breakfast, BBC Radio Manchester and Talk Radio, all in one day.

We’ve taken this further with speaker opportunities across business and HR media in the pipeline to further amplify the message.

It resulted in consistent broadcast, print and online coverage that reached a broad audience of 149 million people and played a huge part in staff recruitment and retention.

Managing brand reputation for Love Energy Savings

149million OTS

Key coverage in The Sun Employment, BBC Breakfast, HR News, Talk Radio

250% rise

in new applicants

60% rise

in employee retention