Making everyday quality at Dulux


The Dulux brand is more than the sum of its parts.


Pride in Dulux quality - people, paints and positioning.


Ensure the wider business embraces the Quality Promise proposition.

Democracy devised a unique, immersive experience to land the message in the most memorable way possible. An 'Escape Room' set up at the company's HQ in Slough had the 'wow' factor demanded of the day. Every element of the experience was linked to the Dulux Promise and demonstrated the requirement for multiple teams to work as one with clues designed to factor in every department.

Upon escaping, Creative Director Marianne Shillingford would deliver an interactive presentation to hammer home key messages. Often out of the business, working on more creative external projects, Marianne is a leading figure whose presence would help to communicate the business’ commitment to the launch.

Post-escape at the Dulux launch event, participants would be interviewed to ensure measurement and inform recommendations regarding further roll-out. Participants teamed up in groups of three and only with colleagues they wouldn’t usually work alongside.

Maintaining an air of mystery, all instructions were delivered via boards, before teams entered the Escape Room with 25 minutes to beat the clock and get out the other end.

Using our research, we compiled numerical codes, utilising facts, figures, and some added algebra to test every team member - knowing that one member of each group could identify the ‘core value’ at the heart of every clue.

Once boxes were unlocked, a jigsaw was assembled featuring the Dulux Promise icon - and the team could escape!

Immersive brand awareness campaigns

Minimum 10 members of UKSLT and UKMT to complete activity - 13 team members participated


key message penetration

Average key message penetration per team was



positive feedback from all participants - achieved

Testimonial - Alistair McAuley - Managing Director Akzonobel

“A great way to start the week - we need more of this!! A brilliant example of how to bring comms launches to life. The team and Democracy PR should feel really proud of what we achieved."

Alistair McAuley - Managing Director AkzoNobel UK & Ireland

“The team at Democracy are so imaginative. We loved the idea and were even more impressed with their delivery of it. Their perseverance to deliver within a short timeframe really paid off. This was so different to our usual briefings and as such, really made an impact.”

Anjelica Delfino - Dulux Promise™ Comms Manager