Bring your A-Game with Armstead


Armstead gets tradespeople and provides useful information in a fun way.


Empowered to do a good job with Armstead.


Consider Armstead when faced with new jobs.

We started the digital strategy by assessing the opportunity for Armstead, combining desk based competitor analysis with tradeperson focus groups, to get under the skin of the generalist tradesperson and identify the distinctive space Armstead could play in.

It was clear Armstead was the 'smart choice' for the generalist - the iconic British 'White Van Man' - and could add value by providing trandespeople with what they need to get the job done right - our digital presence had to have the back of tradespeople, allowing them to bring their 'A-game'.

From here, a digital strategy and channel strategy were put in place with clear communication terriroties, content franchises, tone of voice and style guide was created, and we were ready to launch the first channel, Facebook to entertain and inform.

Before we shared our A-Game with the world, we needed to get the 3,500 AkzoNobel employees in the United Kingdom and Ireland excited about the often forgotten member of the decorative portfolio.

We hosted the Armstead A-Games at the two largest offices, in Slough and Altrincham, with Armstead A'Game branded snacks, Olympics style tournaments and information about the new porposition available for all to see.

And we the teams onboard and solid strategic foundations in place, the channel went from strengh to strengh, propelling Armstead into the feeds of thousands of trandespeople and building an engaged audience on brand fans.

Cross-channel digital marketing strategy for Armstead


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