Making business energy mainstream with Love Energy Savings


Love Energy Savings is on the side of Britain’s businesses by driving down their energy bills.


Supported and confident that switching energy supplier online will provide vital savings.


Abandon life-long habits by taking an entirely new approach to securing a money-saving energy deal.

The conversation around B2B energy rarely makes a mark in mainstream media. But we were determined to change that.

By targeting a consumer audience we aimed to turbo-charge brand awareness of Love Energy Savings and change the behaviour of their typical customer.

We did this by devising a killer media hook that generated unprecedented cut-through for the client.

It saw us dramatise the problem for a general audience - through a story that explored the attitudes of millennials.

A survey demonstrated the signs that meant you were stuck in the dark ages, with results including using cash, getting bills in the post and watching linear TV.

Relying on the media’s reliable appetite for content that explores the generation gap - it landed acres of coverage - and sparked endless online debate.

Expert comment from a Love Energy Savings spokesperson allowed us to position them as a one-stop-shop for millions of potential new customers looking to save money on their bills.

Well defined customer targeting for Love Energy Savings

13 pieces

of national coverage

Stand-out coverage in The Sun, MailOnline, Metro and Yahoo!News

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