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That INTU boiling water taps are player in the ever growing category.


That INTU boiling water taps, is relevant to my life and has a solution to fit.


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Working within retained budget, we had to ensure underdog INTU grabbed attention away from market leader Quooker - by creating a news story with widespread talkability.

Positioning INTU Boiling Water Taps as the saviour of the proper cuppa – specifically for those in hard water areas, by revealing the ‘right’ way to make a cuppa. We identified Professor Alan Mackie at Leeds University as a foremost expert in flavour – and enlisted him to settle the age old debate – milk in first or last? In a video we filmed in his lab, he explained the science behind how adding milk at the start of the process improves taste by locking in compounds. By combining this with INTU’s key messaging around how a hot water tap makes preparing the perfect brew a doddle – we had a compelling proposition that we knew would spark a national conversation.

Breaking the story on The Sun online, a national media sell in followed. In other spaces, the story exploded, with a segment dedicated to the story on Good Morning Britain broadcast and later shared on Twitter. This, sparked the debate on social media with Piers Morgan wading into proceedings.

The positioning of a hot water tap company as the authority in a debate about the perfect cuppa was bullseye - and elevated INTU

Building brand awareness for INTU

More than

70m OTS

delivered in the first 24 hours


Increase in web traffic

15 pieces

of national press coverage

Testimonial - Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw - Managing Director

“Thank you so much to the Democracy team for their creativity and hard work on helping us elevate the INTU Boiling Water Taps brand. Already there has been an increase in website traffic so I can see that people have been checking us out from the media links. Even more so, the Google backlink credibility from the national media linking back to our website will make a positive impact to our domain authority.”

Kieran Taylor-Bradsahaw - Managing Director