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Building an engaged audience

Your audience’s perception of your clients online greatly depends on the social content you share. Due to this, taking the time to produce content that would attract and engage your target audience is a key practice in today’s online culture.

Many client decisions rely on who their customers are. Therefore, crafting a smart social content strategy around their target audience will help you take one step further and could prevent your client accounts from randomly posting links and articles, or crafting content that wouldn’t be interesting for potential customers.


Who Are You Trying to Reach?

Each social media platform has a different demographic, offering unique features individual to each platform. So, understanding who your audience is, where they are and what they’re expecting to see on social channels are essential elements for you to create and distribute content.

Keeping this in mind, a good practice is to not make assumptions. Up-to-date social media statistics and analytics provide the most accurate insight into your client’s audience. Accurate information for you to work with makes it fairly conclusive to know who your target customer is, based on this research and information.

Creating a persona is a great way of defining who you’re trying to reach exactly, how you’ll try to do it and making your content more engaging for your audience. Having a clear idea of who your ideal customer is will allow you to get a better picture and easily spot them in the places they hang out online i.e. platforms and hashtags.


Identify the social media profiles of the competitors that offer the same products or services your client does, or ones that promote and value the same key messages your client has, i.e. location, ingredients, market space etc. A few questions to ask yourself at this point are: Who are they following and trying to market to? What’s their tone of voice? What hashtags are they using? What type of content do they mainly use?

Explore Social Listening

To discover potential customers, and where your current customers are, monitor discussions associated with your target keywords, topics relevant to your business, and even your competitor’s interactions. Twitter’s advanced search feature is great for monitoring brand mentions, competitors, and keywords and phrases important to your business.

Crafting Smart Content for Each Social Channel

Sharing content and engaging with your audience hold equal importance. Once you know where the people that would purchase your products or services are online, you can share customised content for each platform along with personalised, human interaction. A keyword research tool can make this process easier.

Your social media marketing strategy should support the business’s current goals whilst bringing value to the community on a specific channel. Demographics can vary significantly and that the posts format and optimal content length could change according to what works best for each platform. For example, while thoughtfully composed videos are a great type of content for Facebook pages or YouTube, they’ll most likely not work as well on a platform like Pinterest. Pinterest is a place is more suited towards infographics, step-by-step, visually appealing guides and lifestyle product content. 

CTAs or Calls To Action are essential for enticing users to engage. Add them regularly to a  post, thinking about carefully and confirming that the content is clearly telling your followers what to do next. You can ask for suggestions, opinions, bits of advice or create a poll.

Main Outcomes

  • Having an active presence on the appropriate social media sites relevant to your client is important to meet your target audience where they are. Analysing demographics in depth by using social analytics tools will greatly influence your decisions.
  • Using social listening is key for sharing content based upon your customer’s interests, needs, beliefs, lifestyle, skills, challenges and this could result in an engaged and loyal online community.
  • Organising a healthy mix of posts customised to each social channel and that support business goals while somehow “adding to the conversation” is key for reaching an active community. Adding a call to action per post allows users to know what to do next.


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