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Blogging lesson: number 1

As I write my first blog I must admit that my excitement is tinged with trepidation.

My online presence to date has involved writing for The Yorker, finding online academic resources and a healthy amount of Facebook stalking. Turning my internet experience to business is a whole new challenge.

Today, as we reviewed the papers (a new daily habit), I realised that not every blogger gets it right all the time.

Paul Daniels hit the headlines when he used his blog to defend his glamorous assistant and lovely wife Debbie McGee after the Daily Mail used an unflattering shot of her in a bikini on their holidays.

As I leap headfirst into the online world, Paul’s presence at my virtual side is reassuring. Blogging is clearly a difficult art to master and using your blog as a platform for a rant against the press, posting a picture of your wife’s breasts or one of yourself in a balaclava on the beach may not be the best way to go about it.

As Paul demonstrates so well, in the complex world of the blog even the best of us can get it wrong sometimes. But at least he’s being talked about, which, as I’m coming to learn, is a big part of being in the online world.

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