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28 October, 2014

Google launches Consumer Barometer:


Google’s new free tool allows users to download customised data and market-specific information. The new Consumer Barometer enables users to find out how often people go online and look at researching and purchasing behaviour. It also analyses the influence of online video on shopping habits and breaks this down demographically. Peter Cory, Agency Sales Director at Google, said: “People now use digital media for a huge array of purposes but it isn’t always easy to tell what channels and activities are the most effective, particularly if you’re dealing with multiple markets and products. Our latest Consumer Barometer captures a vast array of new consumer research and enables anyone to easily explore how consumers are behaving in this brave new digital world.”

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New Argos OOH interactive Game


Argos pushes its ‘Get set go Argos’’ campaign with the launch of a new digital OOH game targeting commuters in London’s Waterloo and Euston stations. Players can compete against one another to win Argos prizes whilst they wait for their trains via their smartphones, making the most of the commuters’ ‘dead’ travel time. A standalone version of the game is also available online for commuters who are unable to stop and play at the stations.

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Tumblr video update


In a bid to enhance user engagement, Tumblr, the popular blogging site, has updated its video offering.

The updates include a continuous looping ‘GIF like’ feature and the ability to watch clips off to the side of a page while still looking at the main stream of activity.

The announcement follows news that the blogging site has grown its audience by 40% since the site was acquired by Yahoo in 2013.

With video views on the site proving twice as popular as images, the site believes that it could achieve an ad revenue of $100 million by 2015 – the power of a video!

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Twitter acquires Twitpic


Following the closure of the Twitpic service in September, Twitter has acquired the service to protect the existing content. Twitpic announced the decision to shut down in September after being served with a legal notice from Twitter over a trademark dispute.  In a bid to protect content previously uploaded to the site through Twitpic, twitter has acquired its archive. However, users can’t upload content through Twitpic and apps have been removed from stores, but previous users can still use their accounts to manage existing content.

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New Facebook App allows anonymous posts


Facebook has allowed users to make anonymous posts by creating ‘Rooms’ where members can discuss sensitive issues in private. The new service is a standalone mobile app for iOS where individual ‘rooms’, consisting of photos and posts on a single topic, can be set up. Individuals can then join the group on an invitation only basis.

Facebook product manager Josh Miller said: “There is a good reason in a lot of situations why you don’t want people to know who you are and it’s not because of something sketchy. We want to give people flexibility because that’s what they want.”

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