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21 July, 2014

Twitter springs a shopping surprise


Twitter users can already get deals and discounts direct from a tweet , but now the platform has bought a payments company that connect apps direct to consumers’ credit cards making payments instantaneous.

The acquisition of CardSpring by twitter is seen as hugely significant as it will allow brands to track the customer journey from an online promotion or piece of marketing, all the way through to a purchase.

Cardspring position themselves as the next generation of commerce – and by joining forces with twitter they have given themselves a massive leap into the mainstream.

More on the story here.

Facebook trials buy button


Staying with shopping, Facebook are trialling a buy button that will let users complete purchases without having to leave the application.

This is currently being offered to businesses in the USA for free to test its effectiveness, but as with all things Facebook, they will start charging for it sooner rather than later.

The benefits are obvious – to the brands who use it, conversion rates should rise significantly as the customer is given a seamless purchasing journey, without having to navigate away in order to buy the item they want. This also has the potential to further boost the power and reach of the Goliath of social platforms – the added value of being able to buy so conveniently should increase loyalty and boost users.

More on the store here.

Argos same day delivery trial


Targeting the online and offline shopper is big business as Argos has shown this week with the rollout of a new same day delivery service. The service takes advantage of Argos’ change in structure from a central warehouse to a ‘hub and spoke’ structure. This splits shops into regions, with one major regional shop supplying smaller stores. The move allows them to move product quicker, enabling them to be able to promise a same day service, something the demanding, ‘instant gratification’ generation are demanding more and more.

The same day service will be tested in one region, before the national roll out.

More on the story here.

Google to warn users off in search results

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 20.01.10

A warning to companies whose websites are not optimised for multiple devices. Google this week announced it is to warn in its search results if a site will not load properly on your device.

This is all about improving the experience for mobile users, the fastest growing users of the internet. For instance, if a site is heavy with Flash animation and is being searched for on an iPhone or iPad, the message ‘Uses Flash. May not work on your device’ will be displayed alongside the site information.

This has the potential to damage online business who are not prepared for mobile users – losing customers on the search journey before they even make it to your site. Understanding where your sites visitors are coming from and what devices they are using has never been more important.

More on the story here.

LinkedIn brings you the News


LinkedIn is continuing to make itself more relevant as an everyday social tool with the acquisition of Newsle.

It is claimed that this new add-on will let users see the most relevant information about their top connections without having to trawl through endless pages of not so relevant content first. This should make finding out more about a top connection or someone you want to do business with quicker and easier.

More on the story here.




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