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11 November, 2014

Snapchat snaps up big names

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Snapchat’s expansion plans are stepping up with the news that it is in advanced talks with media heavyweights The Daily Mail, Buzzfeed, CNN, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, Time and Vice over a new section within the app.

Currently called ‘Discover’, the new section will serve up original text articles, audio, video and pictures from these and other media houses. The presence of prized content such as this will lead to increased advertising opportunities targeting the hard to reach 16-25 demographic.

Sticking true to Snapchat’s roots, the content on the Discover section won’t stick around for long. Although with longer articles especially, this won’t be just a few seconds as it is currently for peer-to-peer picture sharing.

The launch of Discover is believed to be before the end of 2014.

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Are sponsored comments a good idea? Disqus


The popular comment sections underneath online stories are the latest place to be targeted by advertising. Disqus – a third-party comments service which runs the discussion section on 3 million websites – is starting to show sponsored comment ads.

Disqus has 150 million users signed up for its service, mostly in America, which lets people leave comments across websites like CNBC, ABC News and Rolling Stone.

Now brands can buy ads to be shown at the top of discussion threads, visually appearing as part of the conversation, although they will be marked ‘sponsored’.

It will be up to publishers if they want to show the new ads from Disqus, but it could mean that they earn a share of the revenue if they do – quite the incentive.

What internet commenters feel about the ads will also be interesting to witness. Would a backlash from them kill the idea stone dead, or will financial gain prove all powerful.

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Back of the Netto


Danish budget supermarket Netto made a return to the UK last week in a tie-up with Sainsbury’s.

Absent from the high street in the period that Aldi and Lidl smashed the dominance of the big four supermarkets, Netto has a lot of ground to make up – and that includes on social media.

With a mix of photo-led competitions and cute children and animal pictures, Netto’s Facebook and twitter posts are clearly aiming to appeal to families.

However, with less than 600 Facebook likes – the most popular medium for the supermarket shopper to engage on – they are a drop in the ocean next to Aldi’s 808,000 and Lidl’s 716,000 strong communities.

Over on twitter, the opening of Netto’s first store in Leeds last week saw the hashtag #HelloNetto used more than 200 times on the day of the store opening, with a reach into the twitter community of almost 140,000.

However, with less than 1,000 followers, the Danish supermarket has a long way to go to capture the kind of audience that Aldi (111,000 followers) and Lidl (15,000 followers) already speak to.

Instagram now used by 86 per cent of brands


A new study has revealed that Instagram marketing is now more popular than ever.

During the third quarter of 2014, 86% of top brands incorporated Instagram into their marketing strategies, which represented a 15% year-over-year increase, according to Simply Measured.

Instagram now boasts 200 million active users, 60 million photos posted daily and more than 1.6 billion interactions per day. Brands who posted at least once a day have doubled since 2012, while 73% of brands post at least one photo or video per week, the researcher found.

Posts tagged with a location receive 79% higher engagement on average, according to Simply Measured, while it found 56% higher engagement for posts that include another user handle in the caption.

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Choose the news on Facebook


Facebook is rolling out tools and user preferences designed to give you control over what appears in your news feed and why.

When you see something you don’t like from a person, page, or group, instead of unfollowing or muting, there will be a ‘see less’ option.

This means that what Facebook considers to be everyday posts from this user won’t show up on your feed, but major announcements will still feature.

In addition, there is now a main page where all of a user’s unfollows are collated in one place. This shows who you interact with most and is aimed at helping users to easily re-add someone after a temporary turn-off.

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