In this changing age of conscious capitalism, it’s not enough for a company to sell great stuff, they need to be able to share who they are, what they stand for and what value they offer the world in return. They need to be authentic. 

  • We build strategic measurable communications plans.
  • Developing authentic proof points across real world and online media to give stakeholders a greater reason to believe.


Insight and analytics are the foundation blocks upon which we develop our tactical campaigns, they are how we learn what’s working and how we refine what we do next. 

  • KPIs that directly relate to your goals – from sales and footfall to increasing traffic and transforming digital reputations.
  • Insight from search traffic is used to develop white hat link building campaigns that significantly alter online authority and reputation.
  • Every idea we present can be directly measured in a meaningful way for our clients.


You’d expect a public relations agency to be skilled at proactive and reactive newsmaking and our untouchable black book of contacts stretches from national newspapers, across regional media, broadcast, trade and influential bloggers, ensuring your message receives the widest possible coverage. This covers:

  • Proactive newsmaking
  • Reactive commentary and news hijacking
  • Product placement
  • Research led story development
  • Crisis communications
  • Data journalism


We get people talking across all key stakeholder groups. Quite simply, if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. We deliver:

  • Geo-targeted and niche interest community engagement
  • Internal relations
  • E-marketing
  • Experiential marketing / event marketing
  • Trade public relations


In the era of the smartphone and constant connection, social media feels like the quickest and cheapest tool a business can invest in. Often our clients find themselves overwhelmed by a multitude of historical channels that were created to support the business, but with no clear understanding of their purpose or shared vision and tone of voice.

  • Unify tone of voice across social channels ensuring authenticity
  • Auditing existing social commitments and recommending where focus should be applied
  • Content planning across social platforms – tried and tested on a monthly basis to deliver maximum return
  • Leveraging our network of Instagram influencers
  • Community growth
  • Frontline customer services
  • Paid social media (Facebook advertising, twitter advertising, Instagram advertising, YouTube advertising)


Once upon a time, public relations was press releases and photos. Now, however, the Democracy team of digital natives is fully skilled in the latest content production methods to reach and engage your audience, customers and potential customers.

No aspect of written or visual content is outside our skillset to give the fullest possible service to our clients. And we’re learning new ones all the time to keep you ahead of the next ‘big thing’. We provide:

  • In house design and build
  • Video production
  • Photography
  • Advertorial / Media partnerships


Making sure your company is found online and that the links Google searches return are positive ones is a thoroughly 21st Century talent that Democracy is proud to be award-winning at. Expertise includes:

  • Reputation management
  • Managing review channels
  • White hat link building
  • Technical SEO site audit and recommendation plan
  • Search led content strategy

Want to know more? Why not take a look at how we have won awards for these skills, or get in touch.

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