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Talk Social: 5 July, 2016

Friends first on Facebook


It seems Facebook is changing its news feed algorithm weekly these days – and the latest update has hit publishers.

The social network has announced that priority will now be given in a user’s feed to posts from friends, rather than publishers.

This is despite Facebook being one of the prime sources for news online, the promotion of Instant Articles to make it easier for publishers to get their news on to the platform and the frequency that large publishers are posting content to Facebook.

Now, these sites will be pushed down below updates from friends and family – unless, of course, they’re sharing news content with you. And in encouraging more sharing of personal content, Facebook will gather even more knowledge about its users which, in turn, it will use to sell even more advertising.

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Facebook Live – after the break


Staying with Facebook and its quest to create advertising opportunities in every situation, it is believed to be looking at creating ad breaks in the middle of live streams.

The option of a broadcaster using Facebook Live instead of a traditional broadcast – or a brand wishing to monetise a live stream – is being factored in by Facebook.

This means there is a possibility that as Live video grows in popularity on the platform, we should expect to see streams interrupted with ad breaks, of the kind we would associate with TV or YouTube.

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Google telling you best local hotel deals

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 12.12.59

Google is offering hotels in North America the option to promote deals within search results.

The ‘DEAL’ tag appears in the paid for position at the top of search results, indicating the best value answer to the search query.

This has the potential to be rolled out to add kinds of products and services, giving advertisers another way to command attention on the front page of search results. Watch for it arriving in the UK before too long.

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Why accurate business info is more vital than ever

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 12.23.21

Google Maps’ increasing use in search, as mobile users look for services or products ‘near’ them, has led to a rapid increase in the mining of information about local businesses’ attributes.

Users checking in to places are being asked a number of questions by Google, such as opening times, services provided, parking and more, in order to provide Google with the most complete information on every business in a local area.

This, in turn, is being used to provide accurate answers to ‘near me’ searches which are up 146 per cent year on year as consumers search for the perfect answer at the immediate moment they ask for it.

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Twitter’s business starter


Businesses not yet on twitter are being given a helping hand with the launch of twitter dashboard.

The new service not only lets businesses schedule posts, track engagement and suggests followers, it also mines all content relating to a business and its sector to suggest content that would best engage its audience.

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