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Talk Social: 31 August, 2016

Google drops ‘mobile friendly’ label


Google is dropping ‘mobile friendly’ from its search results after revealing that 85 per cent of sites now meet the criteria.

The algorithm that prioritises mobile optimised sites still remains, but it will no longer show in search results – a move that Google describes as being to ‘declutter’ results.

Users can still test if a site is mobile friendly by using Google’s mobile friendly test tool.

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Facebook algorithm now picks trends


Facebook’s trending topics sidebar is now entirely algorithm based, after the social network removed the human editors who had been writing the chart since it launched in 2014.

The descriptions of each topic have also disappeared, as Facebook moves its trending stories on to a personalised scale, where users are served trending topics based on their own likes, location and pages they interact with.

The move comes after Facebook was criticised in America for political bias in its trending topics.

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Unlock extra goodies on twitter


Twitter has introduced a new service for advertisers, called ‘Instant Unlock Cards’.

The option incentivises users to tweet by offering access to ‘locked’ content such as a video or celebrity interview once a tweet is sent.

This is something that is not allowed on Facebook, where advertisers cannot motivate a user with the promise of extra content if they share a post.

However, twitter’s faster pace and waterfall may mean this approach pays off and is not intrusive.

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Snapchat gives up its data to advertisers


Fast-growing platform Snapchat is moving into behavioural targeting to offer advertisers more options.

Data on users and the content they interact with will allow Snapchat advertisers to reach their target audiences.

This option is being made available before the end of the year as Snapchat continues its rapid expansion. It only began accepting any form of advertising in 2014.

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LinkedIn #loves the hashtag


LinkedIn has announced that it now supports hashtags in posts to aid search functionality.

However, the function has only been added to LinkedIn’s app and not the desktop version of the business social network.

This is due to the fact that the majority of LinkedIn’s traffic is now coming from mobile – even though this may prove an irritation to users to switch between devices.

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