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Talk Social: 20 December, 2016

Facebook fights the fakes


Fake news has been one of the big talking points of 2016 – now Facebook has taken action to crush it.

The social network is upping its efforts to get its users to report stories that are fake – these will then appear lower in other users’ newsfeeds and if someone clicks to share a ‘fake’ article, a warning will appear first to say that the accuracy of the article is in dispute.

The Facebook algorithm has also been amended because of the spread of fake news – but in a way that could affect all brands.

Now if a story is NOT generating shares, its reach will be reduced. This is similar to how Facebook already operates, but this new tighter version of the algorithm could impact on many brands in the new year.

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Facebook: The new Skype?


Facebook has also added desktop group calling on Messenger in a direct attempt to become the new Skype.

The feature has been available on mobile for months, but with the addition of a desktop version, it’s clear Facebook wants to be a vital business tool.

The idea of scheduling a conference call using Facebook Messenger is one we will all have to get our heads around in the new year.

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Google image search becomes shortcut to buy


Google is now including product details, such as prices, reviews and even where to buy details, in image search results.

The mobile-only feature displays rich snippets via product schema markup.

Getting product details in front of potential customers while they are searching for items is a vital development in the purchasing ‘funnel’.

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More than 600 million users on Insta


Instagram’s phenomenal growth is continuing with news that it has now passed 600 million users – just six months after hitting 500 million.

The photo and video sharing social network is attributing part of this success to the introduction of its algorithm this year. Letting people see only what they want to see has led to more coming back time and time again.

As an argument for personalisation, it’s hard to argue with. Which is precisely why parent company Facebook did exactly the same change from a chronological to algorithmic newsfeed.

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Reddit gets a rival


A new alternative to Reddit has been launched on mobile – called Amino.

The social site for interest-based communities has secured funding to become global and take younger users away from Reddit.

It has a host of features optimised for mobile-native Gen Z users, who don’t like to use Facebook or, indeed, desktop computers. Worth keeping on your radar, content marketers?

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