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Talk Social: 19 March, 2019

New AR filters for YouTube Stories

YouTube announced in a blog post that it has developed machine learning to identify 3D surfaces in videos and enable visual effects.

The new technology will allow people to add objects such as animated masks and 3D hats to YouTube Stories. Potentially these filters could be more advanced than ones used on apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp.

Currently, the new YouTube filters are only available for channels with more than 10,000 subscribers and developers using the latest AR Code. However, with the copycat nature of so many stories features, these could soon be replicated elsewhere on more mainstream channels.

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Major app outage

Last Wednesday, Facebook’s apps including Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, went down for nearly a full 24 hours.

Facebook announced in a tweet that the outage was due to a ‘server configuration change’ and apologised for the inconvenience caused.

One of the unexpected winners of the outage was the start-up messaging app Telegram. Three million people signed up to the rising app during the ‘down’ period.

Telegram is a free encrypted messaging service is similar to WhatsApp, but is funded purely through user donations rather than targeted ads.

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Snapchat launches new gaming platform

Snap Inc has revealed its long awaited gaming platform will be officially announced next month.

The platform, internally named as ‘Project Cognac’, will feature a handful of games from third-party developers.

Snap has previously expressed its interest in gaming by launching its own AR games in early 2018.

Games could provide a new source of revenue for the app, either through advertising or in-app purchases.

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Facebook’s dedicated link to gaming

Facebook has also been looking at increasing the presence of games on its app.

Last week, the company introduced a dedicated gaming tab in the main navigation bar.

This follows the move by YouTube to relocate its gaming platform to its main website.

Both are hoping to fend off the challenge of competitor ‘Twitch’ which directly focuses on gaming content.

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Twitter confirms a new ‘subscribe to conversation’ feature

Twitter has confirmed it is developing a feature that allows users to subscribe to conversations without liking or responding to the individual tweet.

The new option would allow a user to receive notifications on a thread, without directly signaling their interest or having to join the conversation themselves.

Along with other updates, including the hide tweet button, Twitter hopes this will lead to healthier conversations on the platform and less abuse.

It is yet to be revealed when this feature will roll out.

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