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Talk Social: 19 July, 2016

Facebook aims for greater post impact

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Two small, yet significant, new features in social media are being tested on Facebook.

First is the ability to compose a post in multiple languages, for businesses or individuals who want to communicate a message across different countries. Facebook’s multilingual composer allows a single post to be translated into several different languages instantly. It is already available in Pages and is now being tested with individual users.

Also being introduced is a feature called Markdown, that provides those composing a post with options to bold or italicise text, create a headline and other custom type styles. This can then be previewed by the user before posting, to see what potential impact the post will have on the reader. It is initially being made available in events listings while in trial phase.

Both features are designed to increase the impact of individual posts, generating more interest and engagement.

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What do people want from social media?

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What are the different behaviours on social platforms? Facebook has released new data, based on studies of 7,800 Facebook and Instagram accounts worldwide to shine some light on the topic.

The study found that men on Facebook and Instagram ranked learning about events and joining groups as the most important reasons for spending time on the platforms, while women indicated that staying in touch with friends and family was more relevant.

For parents, humour and news content played a large part of the Facebook experience, while on Instagram parents were interested in travel, celebrities and fashion.

The full report makes fascinating reading for all brands active on the platforms.

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Platform pins hopes on capturing new advertisers

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Pinterest is launching a fresh attempt to capture more of the UK’s digital advertising spend with a host of new features and measuring tools.

With more than 1,000 brands on its books already, Pinterest data shows that the hide rate on the platform is 90 per cent lower than on other social media platforms, while the fact that these Pins ‘live forever’, long after a brand is putting money behind them, has resulted in ‘earned media’ rising by around 20 per cent compared to other platforms.

Brands can now create combined audiences by inputting customer data into Pinterest’s database to create a new, larger group with shared interests. Lookalike audiences are now also an option, as is retargeting.

Cinematic Pins (video adverts) and Promoted Boards (multiple images) are coming soon from the US, where both have proved popular.

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Smartphone art made simple 

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Creating works of art using a smartphone has never been easier with the massive rise of new app Prisma.

The Apple only app uses AI to change pictures into various styles of paintings, with 33 available including gothic, mosaic and impressionist. The styles of famous artworks, such as The Scream and The Great Wave are also available.

The completed art images can then be shared on social media. Launched last month, the app is now hitting more than one million daily users.

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Every minute counts

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Got a spare minute? There’s a new app planning to take that off you.

The makers of SpareMin say they are ‘helping’ busy people make the most of their time, with their new service that schedules phone calls for those moments of downtime when you’re not working, such as when travelling for instance.

The user puts available times into a calendar and other users send requests to talk to them. These could be colleagues, contacts or friends and the ones who the user approves are then scheduled for a time slot to have a conversation.

Calls are limited to a maximum of five minutes and the makers promise that their users will never receive any unsolicited calls.

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