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Talk Social: 08 March, 2016

Media giants ban adblockers


Two of the UK’s major news publishers, Trinity Mirror and The Telegraph, have gone to war with adblockers.

The two groups have started preventing users from accessing their content if they have adblockers installed.

Content will only be available once the user disables the adblocker or whitelists the site.

Trinity Mirror has been running initial trials on its regional Birmingham Mail site, while The Telegraph has selected random users who have installed adblockers and showed them messages, asking them to disable or whitelist.

YouGov data suggests that more than half (54%) of users with adblocking software would be willing to disable it if presented with a message asking them to do so.

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Live video focus on Facebook


A new tweak to the Facebook algorithm is now prioritising live video in users’ feeds.

The move is an attempt to take on the rise of Periscope by placing live streams at the top of news feeds, instead of other video content.

Facebook’s data shows that users spend three times longer watching a live video than an archived stream.

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Messenger has text appeal


Another Facebook tweak that is on its way involves Messenger and giving users the ability to read and write SMS text messages on the platform.

As Messenger starts to get used by more brands as a customer service tool, this step would be welcomed as it would enable more conversations to take place on the one platform.

For those who manage multiple Messenger accounts, Facebook is also testing ways to allow users to switch between different Messenger accounts within the application.

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Snapchat hits 8billion daily video views


Snapchat is claiming a massive eight billion video views daily. This massive leap comes hard on the heels of the social network announcing that it had tripled daily views to six billion between May and November last year.

The average Snapchat user is now spending between 25-30 minutes a day on the platform, with this enormous spike in video views and shares certain to increase as revenues as brands seek to get on board.

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Twitter users have a lot of love for the heart


Twitter has announced its new ‘heart’ button has proved more popular with users than the previous favourite button.

Since the change, users on twitter have liked 28 per cent more tweets than in the three months prior to the change, according to data from Locowise.

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