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A new twist on the PR rollercoaster

Well, my first blog at Democracy PR on my new computer at my new desk, how exciting!

I caught the `PR bug` when working at Pleasure Beach, Blackpool in their PR department. Forgive the pun, but yes, it was a rollercoaster of a place to begin your career. The constant excitement and flow of ideas in the office left me wanting to learn and develop more, so when i saw the opportunity at Democracy i knew that it would be a fantastic opportunity to push myself to progress quickly.

I wasn’t always in PR though . . . in fact, I’ve spent many years travelling as a professional dancer for high profile companies including The Moulin Rouge. But my heart stayed in Manchester and I wanted to come back home.

Although it has only been my first day, the atmosphere already has me looking forward to work tomorrow. Where else can you discuss Gordon Brown in one sentence and the positive benefits of honey in the next?

What’s for sure is that this latest twist on my personal PR rollercoaster looks like it’s going to be a thrilling one.


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