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Talk Social: 2 April, 2019

Snapchat launches first voice activated promoted filter for new movie ‘Shazam’

Snapchat has released a new voice activated filter in partnership with kid’s superhero film Shazam.

You can access the filter by scanning the snapcode on the movie posters. Once you’ve scanned the code, saying “Ok Shazam” will activate the filter, transforming the user into a superhero. The character in the movie does the same to activate his superpowers.  

Voice activated filters were first introduced to Snapchat in August last year. These first filters responded to words such as “Wow”, “Love” or “Hi” with custom animations. This, however, is the first commercial use of the technology.

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Twitter puts a limit on third party usage

Mobile hashtag horizontal concept on blue background

Twitter are limiting access to a number of well-known third party apps.

Platforms which send large amounts of API requests, such as Hootsuite and Crowdfire, will now need to justify why they need high levels of access. If they can prove that it is for research purposes full access will be restored. However, those using the platform for business purposes will face an increase in access costs.

It hasn’t been decided how much twitter is going to charge for this, but prices can range between $149/month to $2,499/month depending on the level of access required.

This new review could see a lot of businesses facing an increase in access costs, which could put more of them out of action, and limit the range of third-party tools on the market.

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New rules for the internet

In an open letter to The Washington Post over the weekend, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has called for global Internet regulations and recommended rules about how to handle harmful content, election integrity, privacy and data portability.

Here is a brief overview of what was written:

  • Harmful content

It is impossible to remove all harmful content from the internet when so many people share it with their own policies and processes, it is clear that there needs to be a more standardised approach to this.

  • Election integrity

Legislation is important to protect elections. Systems would be simpler if there were common benchmarks for verification.

  • Privacy

Privacy and data protection needs to be more globally harmonised. GDPR regulation should be more common and clear rules need to be set on how data is stored and what it means when applied to new technologies such as AI

  • Data portability.

Regulation should guarantee the principles of data portability. Sharing data with one service means it should be able to be shared to another. This gives people choice and developers can innovate and compete.

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LinkedIn announces new B2B marketing lookalike audiences

Linkedin has added new lookalike audiences to ad offerings.

This will offer B2B marketers an easier way to find company names/job titles by using existing customer data. It will also offer audience templates to streamline the process of finding audiences.

There is now a one-step process of separating job titles/functions into 20+ templates

LinkedIn has over 610m users, seeing over a 30% growth in sessions per user over the past year

LinkedIn’s director of product, Abhishek Shrivasta has said that the user interaction has ‘’allowed us to tap into a lot of the signals that have allowed us to create the lookalike product’’

The company also announced that it will soon be integrating Bing data for the first time, to its ad products. This will give marketers the ‘best of both worlds’

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Instagram tests new format for story options

Instagram are testing out a new format for creating stories, providing a new selector wheel for options such as boomerangs and filters.

The test includes two sections ‘normal’ and ‘create’, with Instagram live remaining on its own. You will find tools such as rewind and superzoom in the Normal section and stickers/text in Create. This means you will have to scroll round a little to create your perfect picture.

The idea has been mirrored from the app obscurer, and is supposed to help newcomers use stories easily, expanding usage.

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