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World Water Day

Today we are marking World Water Day to help support our client INTU Boiling Water Taps in their mission to raise awareness of how we better conserve water.

Through our work with the experts at INTU Boiling Water Taps, the Democracy Team has learnt so much about the value of this vital resource, and also how we can all take steps to safeguard water effectively for everyone.


The theme of World Water Day 2021 is valuing water – which is about much more than its price.

Kieran Taylor-Bradshaw, INTU Boiling Water Taps MD, explained that a boiling water tap can be a more sustainable choice for your kitchen and is just one easy way we can all cut our water wastage.

He said: “Homes across Britain use around 840 billion litres of water each year, but much of that can be saved.

“We all know that households need water to drink, for food prep, culture, health and for our gardens – but not everyone realises that a boiling water tap can help reduce our water usage substantially.

“The majority of households (75%) are boiling more water than they need. As a nation of tea guzzlers, this means a substantial amount of unnecessary water, energy and CO2 is used every day in the UK.

“Overfilling the kettle and wasting water comes at a cost – and not just at the planet’s expense. It costs around 2p every time a full 1.5-litre kettle is boiled for three minutes which means that overfilling kettles costs Britain £68m a year.

“With INTU Boiling Water Taps there’s no need to fill – or overfill – a kettle, so it only provides the exact amount of water you need.

‘It’s only a small change to make but we must all look to minimise water wastage in as many ways as possible if we are truly committed to protecting this precious and irreplaceable resource.”

Here are some more helpful tips to help you save water at home:

  • Use a bowl in the sink when washing fruit and vegetables. You can then use the waste water to water your plants
  • Turn off the tap when you clean your teeth. A running tap uses up to nine litres of water a minute
  • Wait until you have a full load before using your washing machine or your dishwasher
  • Take a shower instead of a bath. A five-minute shower uses about 40 litres of water – half the water of a standard bath
  • Use a watering can in the garden instead of a sprinkler or a hosepipe
  • Check your property regularly for leaks on your internal plumbing


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