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Why Relevance is Key for Brands on Social Media

This year, 12.2 million people in the UK will block ads on a desktop computer, laptop or smartphone; the equivalent of 22% of the internet-using population [Source: eMarketer].

The decline in organic reach

With organic reach currently sitting at less than 5% on social media,  Facebook are warning brands that this reach will eventually decrease to 0. Competition within the feed is high – as posts now need to be promoted to be seen and the need to ensure relevance in content marketing is more vital than ever.

As users become increasingly savvy to online marketing, brands need to consider the content they are creating and promoting. Content purpose and placement need to be front of mind at all times, but more importantly, content always needs to be of interest to the audience its intended for.

Finding the perfect middle for content

At Democracy, we always try to ensure a middle ground is met between what users want to see and what the brand wants to say.

An easy place to start is to identify the typical customer journey – at what point are people open to hearing about your brand? Do they want to see a hard-sell message or do they simply want to be entertained online? By entering the mind-set of a typical customer using data-led insights, we can start to map out and answer their needs along the path to purchase.

The power of a data-led paid approach

Using data tracking tools such as Facebook Pixel and Pinterest Tag, we can then start to track users along these journeys, and ensure the right content is delivered to them at the right time – prospecting a new audience, engaging them with content that is relevant to them and driving them towards purchase consideration, while tackling pain points to reduce drop-off.

However, simply targeting ads to a data-driven audience isn’t enough, as 76% of users exposed to digital ads do not recall seeing them [source: On Device Research], with research from Nielson suggesting that the old marketing ‘Rule of 7’ has increased in the digital age. The report finds that the optimum frequency of digital advertising ranges between 5-9 exposures to improve brand recall, and increase consumer resonance.

Taking a funnel approach

So how can brands stand out online and ensure relevancy? We believe a strategic funnel approach is key – reaching new audiences by tapping into existing trends and conversations via creative and eye-catching owned and earned campaigns, then strategically serving more branded, sales-led messaging to a captured audience via targeted marketing further down the funnel. 

By taking this approach, content should never feel like a hard sell advert to the customer. After all, as Tom Fishbourne, CEO of Marketoonist puts it, the best marketing shouldn’t feel like marketing.

By Becci Fahey, Senior Digital Strategist – Democracy PR

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