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Why Authenticity Is Key

With the world of digital marketing becoming an extremely crowded place, audiences are becoming more immune to traditional marketing methods. There are several ways in which you can make your brand stand out, but something that continues to pioneer is brand authenticity. As audiences become more switched on to brand principles, particularly if your demographic falls within the Gen X and Millennial range, brands no longer have a choice but to be honest and transparent. 

Brand authenticity breaks above the noise, builds stronger audiences and differentiates you from your competitors. Here are a few ways in which you can ensure that the authenticity of your brand shines through.

Keep It Real

Brand authenticity must come from an informed place. If looking to be conversationalists in a particular field, you must be sure your brand principles fit within this alignment. When looking to ‘be real’ you must ask:

  • Who are we as a brand?
  • What drives the company?
  • What is our brand purpose?
  • What does our brand stand for? 


Consistency is Key

Giving your audiences mixed messages about your brand can lead to mistrust, so ensure the communication is consistent across your social channels whilst also linking back to your brand purpose. As previously discussed, audiences are becoming increasingly switched on to ‘noise’ and are more susceptible to untruthful brands.

Show AND Tell

With the power of social media, brand communication is thrust under a microscope. Therefore, you must ensure your words are followed by actions whilst ensuring your actions align with what your brand standpoints. A fantastic example of this is outdoor clothing brand Patagonia. Priding itself on environmental consciousness, the brand has given 1% of its sales to environmental preservation since 1985.

Be Part Of The Conversation

This point very much links with ‘being real’. Not only must your brand be it’s true self at all times, but your brand must also be part of the conversation within the sector your business falls. Coherent knowledge of the conversations happening around you (and response to this conversation) will leverage your brand further as an authentic entity. 

Consider the above points when looking to create an authentic brand, with over 77 million brands across the globe, standing out is essential. No matter how much you invest in your marketing campaigns, no matter if you’re using the latest technologies and techniques; if your brand isn’t true to itself, your audience will switch off. Here at Democracy PR, we work with a range of clients across various sectors, producing brand strategies and insight that enables our clients to stand out from their competitors.

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