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The Press Gazette goes under and The Lady gets a makeover

The Democracy office is in shock: The Press Gazette is closing its print version after 43 years and removing news content from the website.

This is the latest sad news to reach us. We’ve been carefully watching news of the changes at the MEN as well as hearing the concerns of our friends there and it would seem that it’s not a good time to be journalist.

And yet, in the same newsweek, The Lady (beating the Gazette’s 43 years by 80) is undergoing something of a revamp as the title continues to thrive.

Famed for its recipes, etiquette tips and adverts for domestic staff (apparently used by the royal family) The Lady’s relevance to its market is key to its success.

With a weekly circulation of 30,000, the makeover is intended to move its readership from an average age of 78 to mid 40s.

Although the demise of The Press Gazette will continue to fuel the debate that traditional media is dead, the news from the Lady reminds us all that people will always consume editorial and advertising media content from a respected source that is interesting and relevant to them.

As many of the respected stalwarts of the journalistic world embrace the changing world of communications here’s hoping they get snapped up by niche communities who appreciate their work.


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