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TEDx and the BBC

Such a long silence from us… we have been beavering away but it’s been just too long since I’ve blogged so as there’s so much to cover let’s start from scratch with today.

Today we’re off to the BBC for TEDx Manchester and on the way have popped into the lovely café Eighth Day for some veggie food to sustain us through all the talks, debates and general chatter.

Over lunch I’ve been reading a great piece of opinion in The Independent on, funnily enough considering our destination today, the BBC. I agree with Johann Hari; I love the BBC, but more than that I’m proud of the BBC.

I don’t mind in the slightest paying £2.60 a week for all the TV, radio and online content which I consume, and it’s a lot. I don’t love everything that the BBC produces, in fact I probably don’t love most of it, but the bits I chose to watch, listen to and engage with I value very highly.

I once heard a comedian explain that expecting to be able to control all BBC content because you pay the license fee was a bit like getting on a bus, buying a ticket then telling the bus driver to drop you off outside your house and wait for you all night to take you to work in the morning… quite.


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