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Talk Social: Mon 17 Feb 2014

1) A 3D printing toy story

At Democracy, we are big fans of 3D printing and are always keen to check out the latest uses, especially following the 3D Print Cup that we launched for client Cartridge Save.

Most recently, is the announcement by Hasbro that they will be partnering with 3D printing company 3D Systems, to co-create play printers, giving children the ability to print their own toys; can you imagine the endless hours of play (and excess of toys)?!

The technology is advancing at a supersonic rate, with the costs and quality of printers for consumers improving on what seems like a monthly basis, and this latest partnership shows once again the potential of the technology and the effect on the everyday consumer’s life.

Read more about the partnership here.

2) Fashion Week and Social Media

It’s Fashion Week – time for the world’s most glamourous media to descend on London, but it isn’t just the clothes that are the hot on the journalists’ lips.

More and more brands are now harnessing the power of social media to connect with the fashion conscious audience and capitalising on the power of the visual.

Topshop are using technology to really widen their brand awareness and create excitement during Fashion Week, with live footage of shows fed straight to the windows of Topshop on Oxford Street.

It’s a time when a picture of a high profile fashion blogger or model wearing your brand is worth a million tweets, something that Mulberry most definitely used to their advantage. They have taken advantage of the  power of supermodel du jour Cara Delevigne, as they launch her design collaboration in the most delectable Instagram friendly setting – perfect for her 4.3 million followers!

Read more about fashion and social media here.

3) Apple has heart

Apple continues its takeover of…. well, absolutely everything!

A new report reveals that Apple is developing technology that would be able to predict heart attacks by measuring the sound of blood as it travels through the arteries.

The device will likely need to be worn on the person’s body to measure the sounds accurately – enter the wearable tech, iWatch.

We have seen directly the depth of public curiosity for health checks during the Love Your Liver tour in January 2014, and if all runs as planned for Apple, this will be one piece of wearable tech that will really gets to the heart of the consumer.

4) Google offer search by relationship

Google has announced that users of their smartphones will now be able to voice search by relationship.

The update, will allow users to contact friends and family by hunting for a connection in the relationship field on Android. The new functionality will give users the option to ‘text sister’ (give me back my top) or ‘call dad’ (pick me up).

How this works with multiple siblings is yet to be tested! It will also be interesting to see if this will eventually extend to favourite businesses or destinations.

Read more about this here.

5) Facebook’s new gender option

Facebook has always wanted to know everything they can about the people who use the networking site, and now they have addressed the delicate issue of gender – you don’t have to announce that you are male or female on the site any more, with the addition of the gender identity option.

Options available are: Trans Female, Trans Male, Trans Person, Gender Variant, Gender Questioning, Bigender, Androgynous, Pangender and Transsexual. Facebook worked with leading lesbian, gay and transgender organisers to specify the groups.

In a step to protect the privacy of the users, Facebook also amended its privacy settings to allow users to manage who they share this information with.

Read more about the changes here.






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