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Talk Social: 9 October, 2018

Facebook finding a way around ad blockers


Facebook is enabling first party cookie tracking, which will work around browsers that block cookies, such as Safari and Firefox.

This means advertisers can track the impact of their ads on the site and still receive full analytics, despite the efforts of many browsers to kill them off.

Advertisers will be able to choose to set first or third party cookies for the Facebook Pixel. Facebook says that this development will enable continued ad targeting across the platform.

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Why Facebook live doesn’t always have to be ‘live’


Facebook is allowing selected recorded videos to be broadcast as ‘live’.

This will mean the video is promoted across news feeds as ‘going live’ and also allow for live interaction with those posting comments.

This feature – called Premieres – is being made available to selected FB pages. Admins of the page can schedule this content up to a week in advance and there is also the ability to monetize the film, with ad breaks and branded content.

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Messenger going hands free


Hands free use of the Messenger app is coming, with tests being carried out for voice dictation of messages and to make calls to contacts.

Facebook is keen to make Messenger stand apart from similar social messaging apps, and has been testing lots of features with its audience, such as stickers, GIFs and augmented reality features using the camera.

However, integrating Facebook’s M assistant into the app would be a step into a new area, giving advantages to those who want to use it while driving or for those who find typing difficult, for instance.

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Google hits delete button on Google+


Google has announced that it is closing the consumer version of its social platform Google+.

The site struggled to capture the public’s imagination and a data breach came to light earlier this year which further damaged it.

Google admitted that Google+ has ‘low usage and engagement’ and that 90 per cent of user sessions last less than five seconds.

It will still remain open to businesses who use it as a means of internal employee communication.

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Want to see where you rank? Google it


Google Search Console can now show brands where they rank for specific keywords – directly in search results.

If an admin is logged in to Search Console and performs a search, below the ads, Google is now displaying lots more data.

This includes ranking position for this query, number of impressions for this query and number of clicks your website has received when users search for this term.

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