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Talk Social: 9 March, 2021 – Users turn to online messaging to connect with brands


More users turn to online messaging to connect with brands

A survey from Zendesk has revealed the crucial role that messaging and online chat play in customer decision making.

Among those surveyed, Zendesk found that almost 40% of millennials and Gen Xers used messaging for the very first time to connect with a brand in 2020.

Customers, now more than ever, expect brands to meet them where they are, through messaging channels such as social media. How brands meet these demands will play a big role in the growing eCommerce landscape.

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Twitter tests new eCommerce features for tweets

Twitter confirmed it’s testing a new way to display tweets that link out to eCommerce product pages – such as products on a Shopify store.

In the new format, tweets include a big ‘Shop’ button and integrate product details directly into the tweet itself, including the product name, shop name and product pricing.

This format could potentially come into play as part of Twitter’s larger push to become a creator platform, with its recently announced plans for a ‘Super Follow’ subscription.

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Pinterest introduce ‘Pinterest Premium’ video ads

As part of their first ever ‘Pinterest Presents’ marketing summit, Pinterest has revealed a new tool to enable marketers to increase video views in their advertising campaigns.

The new video ad option called ‘Pinterest Premiere’, will enable advertisers to purchase exclusive video placement in the home feed for a specific demographic, interest or category for a given time frame.

Video content saw a big rise among Pinners last year, with the platform now facilitating close to a billion video views every day. Pinterest users are also 2.6 times more likely to make a purchase after viewing brand video content on the platform.

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Facebook’s Oversight Board will ask to see the platform’s algorithm

Facebook’s Oversight Board is trying to gain access to the social network’s algorithm to understand how it curates users’ feeds.

The Oversight Board was created as an independent body to make content moderation decisions on the social media platform. Influencing Facebook’s algorithm would significantly broaden the board’s original remit.

Alan Rusbridger, a former Guardian editor and member of the board,  told the House of Lords communications and digital committee last week: “We’re already a bit frustrated by just saying ‘take it down’ or ‘leave it up’.”

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Instagram is exploring options that would allow users to hide like counts

Instagram has been testing hidden like counts for over a year now, but still hasn’t made a decision if it will roll the feature out globally. However, according to Instagram’s chief executive Adam Mosseri, the test has been re-prioritised again after disruptions due to COVID-19.

The latest update from Mosseri has revealed that rather than simply not showing like counts at all, Instagram is working on a feature that would give users the option to control this display.

Hiding like counts has sparked much debate since it was first raised, with some seeing it as a major win for platform health, and others questioning the impact it will have on engagement and influencer marketing.

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