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Talk Social: 9 January, 2018

Facebook lists page posting frequency in search results


Facebook now shares how many posts a day each Page publishes within its on-platform search. The feature affords users of the social network some idea of what to expect from each Page, while providing additional context for brands.

Traditional best practice has advised restraint when posting to Facebook, so as not to bombard audience feeds and detract from updates by family and friends, as opposed to businesses. The general magic number is one to two posts per day, which keeps Pages in mind without pushing boundaries.

But the evolution of the social News Feed algorithm has changed this slightly. According to Facebook’s advice, published as part of its journalist certificate program, Pages should post frequently, the goal of the News Feed being to show each person the most relevant story, meaning not all of them are guaranteed to be seen.

In another section of the course, Facebook notes that some news Pages are posting up to 80 timely pieces of content a day and seeing good results. Given that most posts are lucky to receive more than five per cent of their potential audience, it makes sense that posting more frequently could have its benefits, as long as the content is interesting.

So the takeaway for 2018 from Facebook seems to be that it’s the year of quality AND quantity.

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What headlines get most social engagement?


When it comes to writing social headlines,  what words and phrases get the most engagement? BuzzSumo has analysed 100 million headlines to see which posts earned the most Facebook engagement – so you don’t have to.

Insights to attract likes, shares and comments include:

The word combination ‘will make you’ was the most popular, followed by ‘the reason is’ and ‘this is why’. 

Emotional headlines such as ’will make you cry’, ‘give you goosebumps’ or ‘melt your heart’ caused people to click and engage.

Quizzes work well as they appeal to participants’ desire to know more about themselves.

Tribal headlines, such as ‘10 things only people born in the 90s will understand’ have also proven to be a growing trend.

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Video algorithm changes on FB


Facebook constantly tweaks its algorithm to ensure users are served the most engaging and relevant material. There is one update in particular that brands need to be aware of if they want to make the most of the already dwindling organic reach. This is to do with videos and why intent and repeat viewership matter.

Facebook is now giving preference to videos which people are proactively searching for and returning to the platform to watch. The fact is, if people are going out of their way to find video content or going directly to a Page, it will receive greater distribution and will reach more users. If people are watching videos from the same publisher frequently, those videos will get preference in the News Feed, making it easier to discover that content.

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New bot can auto like your friends’ Instagram posts


A new bot has been launched that allows people to auto-like another user’s posts on Instagram. 

The bot is available as a free download on Github. Its creator, Gulzar 1996, invented it as a way to auto-like his girlfriend’s posts. For now, it only works for Instagram but he has plans to add Twitter support as well as a layer of facial recognition, meaning that people could potentially only like pictures that include their friend – or significant other’s – face instead of everything in their timeline.

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Instagram lets users post Stories direct to Whatsapp


Last October, Facebook extended the use of Instagram Stories by making it easy to post them directly to its platform. The company is now running a test that allows users  to post Stories directly to WhatsApp, as a WhatsApp Status.

Making Instagram Stories more shareable will give them more functionality and increase their popularity, having already outstripped usage of the Snapchat product they were designed to clone.

As of last November, there were more than 300 million daily active users of Instagram Stories. Being able to share them on WhatsApp will provide even more ways of generating traffic, however it could lead to the same content being seen across multiple social platforms by users.

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