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Talk Social: 9 February, 2021 – TikTok take on Facebook with eCommerce push

TikTok take on Facebook and YouTube with new eCommerce push

While TikTok continues to grow, it still risks losing its top influencers if it doesn’t provide them with the monetization tools to make an income.

Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube currently provide creators more options for their creators to make money and, while it has the audience, TikTok’s advertising system is not up to the same level of capability to compete on that front.

TikTok is now looking to address this by developing new eCommerce tools, including the ability for brands to showcase catalogues of their products on the platform; a tool that lets creators users earn commission on any sales that come from their links; and a live-streamed shopping feature.

All of these features are either in testing or in live development, expected to roll out over the coming year.

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Pinterest rises to 459 million users

Pinterest has revealed its latest performance update for Q4, posting a significant jump in revenue, and steady growth in overall usage.

The platform added 17 million more users, taking its total of monthly active users to 459 million. That equates to a 37 per cent increase year-on-year. Additionally, its international revenue was up 145 per cent year over year, to £89 million. 

Pinterest equates this growth to its users being left at home during the Covid-19 pandemic and need of entertainment, as well as it’s improvements in eCommerce, allowing brands to capitalize on the Christmas sales period.

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Snapchat’s Spotlight surpasses 10 million users

Two months after launching its TikTok rival, Spotlight, Snapchat has reported the feature has already attracted more than 100 million users.

Cloning many of the features from TikTok, Spotlight features a feed of user-generated short videos in a dedicated section of its app. 

Snap has invested heavily behind the feature, spending millions of pounds to pay the creators of the most popular videos. It is not clear if Snapchat intends to continue its incentive programme indefinitely and if the momentum behind the feature will continue without that investment.

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Instagram’s developing a TikTok-Style vertical feed for Stories

The growth of TikTok has had a huge impact on the social media landscape over the past year. We’ve seen several platforms launch copycat versions of the app, including Snapchat’s Spotlight and Instagram’s Reels. Now, Instagram is testing a new TikTokesque feature, this time dedicated to Stories.

Instagram has announced it is working on a new vertical Stories feed, which would mean that you swipe up or down to view newer/older Stories. This is basically the same interface as TikTok.

It makes sense that other brands need to emulate TikTok as research is suggesting that its users are spending more time in the app than they are on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger at present. 

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ASA issues new guidelines on beauty filters

The UK’s advertising watchdog has warned against the use of ‘misleading’ Instagram filters in beauty ads.

In a new ruling, the ASA has ruled that influencers, brands and celebrities should not apply image-altering filters to social media advertisements for beauty products if they exaggerate the efficacy of the product, and determined that filtered beauty content could be “misleading”.

The decision came after an investigation into two Instagram posts, created by influencers promoting self-tan products, in which filters were used to alter their appearance which in turn called the effectiveness of the products into question.

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