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Talk Social: 8th June, 2021 – Facebook publishes new report on the Future of AR and VR

Facebook publishes new report on the Future of AR and VR

With augmented and virtual reality technology rapidly advancing and becoming more common, Facebook has published a report regarding its future opportunities for brands.

The 28-page report includes consumer interest, future applications and predictions of where AR and VR is heading. Key findings include 75 per cent of surveyed business owners believe they will utilise the technology within the next two years. 

There are some interesting findings within the report that could help us to understand the ways in which AR and VR will gradually influence and shape our lives. 

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Regulators open investigation into Facebook advertising practices

Facebook is under investigation regarding whether the company uses its advertising data to gain an unfair advantage over competitors.

The Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA) and European Commission (EC) have concerns regarding how Facebook utilises its data to boost their own services such as Facebook Dating and Marketplace. The CMA and EC have announced their investigations are separate but they will cooperate.

Facebook has responded to the investigations, stating the claims are ‘without merit’ and its platforms ‘operate in highly competitive environments with many large incumbents’.

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Instagram adds new elements to its branded content tools

Instagram has announced new tools which will allow creators to manage their branded content requests and approvals.

Within these additions is the ability for creators to tag up to two brands in a post, allowing for tie-in promotions. Also, Instagram is allowing brands access to insights on their Reels and IG Live.

These changes will allow for an increase in opportunities for creators, allowing them to simplify their work whilst gaining insight into their work.

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Pinterest shares insight into how users look to shop with sustainability in mind

Pinterest has shared insights into how its users are planning on adopting a more sustainable lifestyle, including shopping for more environmentally-friendly purchases. 

Revealed within a recent survey, Pinterest found 80 per cent of pinners are looking for sustainable products, while 70 per cent are more likely than non-pinners to seek out local brands or produce. 

The insights show Pinterest is a platform that has room for brands with strong sustainability credentials to grow their reach. Following the figures, the platform provided three tips for marketers: provide educational content, show off your sustainable side and inspire action.

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Twitter launches subscription-based weather news service

Twitter is launching ‘Tomorrow’ – a weekly newsletter including information regarding the weather which will cost members £7 per month.

The newsletter will be first launched in 16 states in America, before expanding into other regions where the amount of Twitter users is high. Featured in the subscription is the ability to ask meteorologists unlimited questions with a guaranteed response. 

‘Tomorrow’ is another example of Twitter monetising the platform. In the near future, we may see similar newsletter services focused on other conversations besides the weather.

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